Personal Interests

My beautiful wife Brenda. Check out her home page.

   I collect Shisa. For more info check out the Shisa page at Water Oak Aikikai.

AikidoKoshinage Aikido is the Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba, that is based on the resolution of conflict through blending rather than confrontation. Aikido is often called "The Art of Peace". I am the Chief Instructor at Water Oak Aikika.

In addition to Aikido I am also studying Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo, and Aiki Cane .

  MassTactical is a gaming site and host for several 1st person shooter games. I am an active participant and admin on the Raven Shield/Athena Sword servers. That's my uniform patch to the left. It was created by Warren at Matrix Creations

Work: The Necessary Evil. Just kidding (especially if my boss reads this). I am a senior consultant for Microsoft. I'm really glad I was able to join the company. It's a fantastic group of people building a great place to work.

We are tracing the Scottish Heritage of my family. We have found that my family came from on/around The Isle of Skye in Scotland. We are The McLuskie Family of The Clan Donald, Lord of the Isles. I thoroughly enjoy attending the Scottish Games held here in the south east. (That's the Clan Donald crest at the top left of this page.)

Billiards My favorite games are 14.1 (Straight Pool), Snooker, 9-ball and 8-ball. I prefer to shoot with a Meucci and break with a Pointer.

Cycling I ride both on- and off-road. I enjoy the technical aspects of mountain biking (Trek 970) and the speed and precision of road racing with a team (REI Trionfo, Shimano 600 series).

Travel My father was in the US Marine Corps, so we lived in several places. I was born in Pocatello, Idaho, then moved to Montana, Georgia and North Carolina. We lived in Okinawa, Japan for 10 years where I graduated from Kubasaki High School. We then came back to North Carolina and I attended East Carolina University. My senior year I met and married Brenda. Brenda joined the US Army (for the GI Bill) and we moved to Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany, for 3 years. While in Germany I attended Boston University's Overseas Campus. And now we are back in North Carolina.