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KHS Reunion - Charlotte 1998

Everyone from the reunion!

KHS Reunion - Seattle 1999

The Lo-Los

I took mine off. Now
it's your turn!

Believe me, 2 Amigos
were enough!

Sister sandwich.

James and Bill

Marion and Kim taking
my picture

Bill and Kim

The elevator crew

The girl's room
(Annie was in the shower)

One last hug

The guy's room

Cindy and Bill

Excuse me sir, would you
take our picture
(with 5 cameras!)

The Flower Child

Visiting the docks

Annie needed a hat

Mike and Bill

Mary and Bill

The Class of 1984

There's that balloon hat again

Best of Friends

"You can dress them up..."

Put me in Coach

Scavenger Supreme

All grins

Sister, Sister

Anyone need a lifegaurd?

Just how many outfits did
James wear in one night?

Beauty and Brains (and Bill)

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