Brenda McLuskie's Homepage

My husband, Bill, what a great
guy. See his web site.
I have two wonderful children
Caitlyn and Logan. They are a joy.

School and Art
I am a student at UNCC studying art. I have been working toward my MA in Teaching concentrating in Art Education. I hope to teach art to middle and high students when my children are a little older. Art, specifically Sculpture, is my passion. I enjoy working in Ceramics, Wood and metal. See my Portfolio.

I teach private and group self directed art classes to children 12 and older from my home. It is a real joy to introduce children and teens to fine arts. My classes include history, fundamentals, and advanced techniques in a variety of mediums. More information can be found at

Aikido is a Japanese Self Defensive martial arts developed by Morihei Ueshiba that is based on the resolution of conflict through blending rather than confrontation. We are a member of USAF. I am an Aikido Instructor and Dojo Cho at Water Oak Aikikai. I train for personal development and fitness. I am the Chief Instructor for the Children's Program. For more information about the Aikido Program see

I served in the Army in Manheim Germany for 4 years. I was a member of the quartermaster corps and obtained the rank of Specialist (E-4). I was able to pay for my college education through the GI Bill and Collage fund. I attended NC State and graduated with a BS in Business and a BS in Economics.